ACL2s in CCIS Computer Labs

(See the ACL2s home page/documentation for general information)

The computer labs here have Eclipse with ACL2s installed. It should be located in the start menu under Department Applications | CCIS Applications | Development Tools | Eclipse | eclipse.

Running Eclipse for the first time, you will be prompted for a workspace location. We recommend "Z:\Workspace", because this is in your personal drive that is common to all the computers and backed up by the college. Very important: Do not choose a workspace on a network share path (starting with "\\") because ACL2 will not work on such paths! Please choose a workspace on your Z drive.

If there is trouble starting a session in ACL2s (see the tutorial for how to get started), you might need to manually change one setting. In Eclipse, go to Window | Preferences.... On the left side, expand the ACL2s category and select the ACL2 preference page. Under "ACL2 bulid path" type "N:\arch-windows\acl2-3.4", like so:

ACL2 build path:

Now you should be able to start a session successfully, without any message about .cert files being fixed and without recertifying the system books.