CS 4740 / CS 6740: Network Security

CS 4740 / CS 6740: Network Security

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Networks security is a topic that requires as much attention to its real-world implications as its theoretical underpinnings. The CS 4740/6740 Network Security course allows the students to explore the practical elements of networks security and related design, and deployment decisions in a supervised laboratory, while simultaneously acquiring a strong conceptual knowledge of the underlying theory in the more traditional classroom environment. The combination of these elements provides students with a vivid picture of why and how networked systems and applications must be designed, implemented, deployed, and maintained in a secure fashion. The course goals are multi-fold:


Guevara Noubir (noubir ATA ccs DOTA neu DOTA edu)
Office: 238 West Village H
Lab TAs

Sashank Narain (sashank ATA ccs DOTA neu DOTA edu)
Office: 208 West Village H

Amirali Sanatinia (amirali ATA ccs DOTA neu DOTA edu)
Office: 208 West Village H

Class Information

Thursday 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Shilman Hall 305
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Recommended Textbook
Network Security: Private Communication in a Public World Charles Kaufman, Radia Perlman, Mike Speciner, Pearson Education
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All announcements and discussions will be through piazza : https://piazza.com/northeastern/fall2016/cs6740/.
Knowledge of Internet networking protocols (e.g, a Networking course).
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Laboratory assignments will be on the course sandboxed network of virual machines and infrastructure (See Laboratory 1).

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Problem Sets
Lab Assignments
All laboratory assignments will be carried in virtual network environment accessible through a VPN connection.

The exam will take place on November 5th. Please mark your calendars and make sure that you will be able to attend.

Finals Project
The final project will build on the problem sets design and programming assignments. Each team of students will be required to design, implement, and deploy a secure instant messaging system. The student will practice developing secure networked applications, making use of cryptographic libraries, socket programming, and multi-threaded applications. The programming language of choice for this year is Python.

Teams Final Designs and Implementations:



The course grade will be based on: