This tutorial is offered from time to time by National Technological University (NTU) and by conferences and it has been taught as in-house tutorial at several companies, including GoodYear, Citibank, MIT and Ciba.

The purpose of the tutorial is to disseminate the best approaches to object-oriented software development with an emphasis on techniques developed by the Demeter Research Group at the Center for Software Sciences of the College of Computer Science at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.


The textbook is available from your bookstore or the tutorial organizer.

The Demeter System is known world-wide through papers in OOPSLA '88, '89, '90, '91 '95 (workshop), ECOOP '90, '91, '92, '94, ICSE '88, CSM '89, '93, ISOTAS '93, ER '90, CASE '92, IFIP '92, ISOTAS '93, IEEE Data Engineering '93, IEEE Computer '88, IEEE Software '89, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering '93, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering '93, Theoretical Aspects of Computing '94, Communications of the ACM '94, Journal of Software Engineering '91, Journal on Lisp and Symbolic Computation '88, ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems '95.

The Demeter System is included or has been included in the course programs of National Technological University, OOPSLA, ECOOP, ELECTRO, Finnish and Swiss Summer School, MIT Summer Session. It has been taught at Northeastern University during the last 8 years.