Ph.D. Dissertations (Northeastern University and Princeton University), Karl Lieberherr, advisor

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The advisor tree exists in more complete form in the Mathematics Genealogy Project. There are famous mathematicians in our academic ancestry:

David Hilbert (1885) - Erhard Schmidt (1905) - Heinz Hopf (1925) - Ernst Specker, my 2. advisor (1949) - Karl Lieberherr (1977).

Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss (1799) - Christoph Gudermann (1841) - Karl Weierstrass (1854) - Georg Frobenius (1870) - Edmund Landau (1899) - Paul Bernays (1912) - Erwin Engeler, my advisor (1958) - Karl Lieberherr (1977).

The first three students are Princeton University PhDs.

  1. Jim Finn (Probabilistic Methods in Number-Theoretic Algorithms, 1982).
  2. John Scranton (P-Optimal Approximation, 1982).
  3. Doug Long (The Security of Bits in the Discrete Logarithm, 1984)
  4. Ian Holland's dissertation on contracts: ``The Design and Representation of Object-Oriented Components.'' Completed in 1992. 183 pages. First position: IBM, then VP at Kronos. Now: First Church Swampscott as senior minister!
  5. Paul Bergstein's dissertation on evolution: ``Managing the Evolution of Object-Oriented Systems.'' Completed in 1994. 151 pages. Now a Professor at UMass Dartmouth.
  6. Ignacio Silva-Lepe's dissertation on reverse engineering: ``Techniques for Reverse-Engineering and Re-engineering into the Object-Oriented Paradigm.'' Completed in 1994. 133 pages. Now with IBM Research, Yorktown.
  7. Cun Xiao's dissertation on adaptive software: ``Adaptive Software: Automatic Navigation Through Partially Specified Data Structures.'' Completed in 1994. 189 pages. Now with Oracle.
  8. Walter Hürsch's dissertation on evolution and adaptive software: ``Maintaining Behavior and Consistency of Object-Oriented Systems during Evolution.'' Completed 1995. 331 pages. Now a managing partner with Zuehlke Management, Switzerland.
  9. Linda Seiter's dissertation on evolution and adaptive software: ``Design Patterns for Managing Evolution.'' Completed 1996. 188 pages. Professor at John Carroll University.
  10. Crista Lopes' dissertation on aspect-oriented programming: ``D: A Language Framework for Distributed Programming.'' Completed 1997. 274 pages. Gregor Kiczales, co-advisor. This thesis was nominated as NU's only 1998 entry to the Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools Doctoral Dissertation Award. The thesis was ranked near the top but not selected for first place. First position: Xerox PARC. Now a professor at UC Irvine.
  11. Johan Ovlinger's dissertation Combining Aspects and Modules. Completed 2004. First job: ITA Software: now with Google.
  12. Doug Orleans' dissertation on programming language support for better separation of concerns. Completed 2005. First position: Gensym:
  13. Pengcheng Wu's dissertation on Checking Style Rules. Completed 2010. First position: Math Works.
  14. Therapon Skotiniotis' dissertation on Modular Adaptive Programming. Completed 2010. First position: Amazon.
  15. Bryan Chadwick's dissertation on Functional Adaptive Programming. Completed 2010. First position: Lecturer at Northeastern/CCIS. Now with Thompson Reuters.
  16. Ahmed Abdelmeged's dissertation on Organizing Computational Problem Solving Communities. Completed 2014. First position: TripAdvisor.

Ph.D. Dissertations (Princeton University), Karl Lieberherr, advisor

The Ph.D. theses of my three Princeton University students

  1. Jim Finn (Probabilistic Methods in Number-Theoretic Algorithms, 1982).
  2. John Scranton (P-Optimal Approximation, 1982).
  3. Doug Long (The Security of Bits in the Discrete Logarithm, 1984)
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Master's Theses (Northeastern University), Karl Lieberherr, advisor

Other Dissertations on Adaptive Programming

Ph.D. Theses (NEU)

Michael Werner's thesis on ``Facilitating Schema Evolution With Automatic Program Transformations'', Completed in 1999. Kenneth Baclawski advisor. William Clinger and Ernesto Guerrieri and Karl Lieberherr thesis committee. 143 pages.

Master's Theses

Technology Transfer

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