Technologies ready for Transfer into Products

for Ph.D. theses. Name of thesis author in square brackets.
Many of those technologies have been implemented
and successfully tested within Demeter/C++ or Demeter/Java.

Structure-shy Traversals
  [Cun Xiao]
Structure-shy Objects
Visitors, Context Objects
  [Linda Seiter]
Plug and Play Components (*)

Class Graph-Induced Program Transformations
  [Paul Bergstein]
  [Walter Huersch]
  [Linda Seiter]

Aspect languages
    [Cristina Lopes]
  Remote Invocation
    [Cristina Lopes]
  Interoperability (*)
  Exception Handling (*)

Class Graph Learning and Optimization
  [Paul Bergstein]

Law of Demeter: is already in many text books
  [Ian Holland]

Programming Contracts
  [Ian Holland]

Abstraction of strategies
  [Ignacio Silva-Lepe]

Object Transportation
  [ Walter Huersch]

(*) under development