The following implementations of Demeter ideas have been developed at Northeastern University and are distributed in source form. Support Mailing List for Demeter tools.


Demeter Software Documentation for DJ, AP Library and DemeterJ

XAspects (in alpha testing, 2003-2010)

DAJ (in alpha testing, 2002-2007)

DJ (1999-2009) | Port: DJ ported to .NET

AP Library (1999-2010)

Demeter/Java now called DemeterJ (1996-2003)

Isthmus: Demeter/C++ and Tcl/Tk integration (1995-1996)

Demeter/C++ (1989-1996)

Stklos implementation by Doug Orleans (completed before he started Demeter/Java)

Demeter/Flavors (1985-1989)