I enjoyed the use of the scientific community game as a means to explore and develop algorithmic solutions to our assignments. It was a nice change of pace from the way we are expected to complete work in other classes. Besides, it makes sense for us to follow an algorithm when designing algorithms! The refutation protocol is a perfect tool for analyzing and refining solutions, whether it be against a partner or against yourself with virtual players.

Each iteration of the game between my virtual Alice and Bob was a chance to inspect my solution and improve upon aspects that didn't meet requirements or could be optimized. They also allowed for me to approach the problem with different ideas to get more perspectives and better intuition. In the end I was normally left with an algorithm that would outperform ones I would have developed if I had just attempted a regular write up.

The only suggestion I have to improve the experience would be to provide more written solutions or examples of the SCG in action for reference. Going over the solutions in class was very helpful but I think it would be beneficial to other students to have something to look at for ideas when they are new to the game.

Response: I have prepared examples: How To Play SCG. More will be here.