Why I am interested in MAX-CSP?

Theoretical Interest

Back in the 70s and 80s when I worked on MAX-CSP, the interest was theoretical.

Applications to Biology

My 2006 sabbatical at Novartis revealed several applications of MAX-CSP.

Applications to Reasoning in Contradictory and Probabilistic Context

http://alchemy.cs.washington.edu/ by Pedro Domingos.

Applications in Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

There are applications of MAX-SAT, a special case of MAX-CSP, in EDA. For new algorithms see: Algorithms for Maximum Satisfiability using Unsatisfiable Cores by Joao Marques-Silva and Jordi Planes.

Applications to Games

There are interesting applications to games, such as the Specker Derivative Game (SDG). There is an interesting question about how combinatorial optimization problems can be categorized to make an interesting SDG game. The categories correspond to the types used in the derivatives of SDG.

Karl J. Lieberherr, CCIS, Northeastern University, (C) 2007 - 2008