LaKyah Tyner


I am a PhD student at Northeastern University co-advised by abhi shelat and Daniel Wichs.
My research area is in Cryptography with recent works involving Property Preserving Hashing and Threshold Signature Schemes. I am a current GEM Fellow and recieved a B.S Computer Science and a B.S. in Mathematics from Tuskegee University in 2019.

  • Lower Bounds on Anonymous Whistleblowing
    Willy Quach, LaKyah Tyner, Daniel Wichs
    TCC 2023
  • Threshold BBS+ Signatures for Distributed Anonymous Credential Issuance
    Jack Doerner, Yashvanth Kondi,Eysa Lee, abhi shelat, LaKyah Tyner
    IEEE S&P 2023
  • Nearly Optimal Property Preserving Hashing
    Justin Holmgren, Minghao Liu, LaKyah Tyner, Daniel Wichs
    Crypto 2022