Eleventh OOPSLA Workshop on Behavioral Semantics -- Serving the Customer




Monday, 4 November 2002


Introduction and logistics 8:30 - 8:50


Foundations I 8:50 - 10:00

Baclawski/Kokar/Matheus/Letkowski/Malczewski. Formalization of situation awareness.

Dijkman/Quartel/Pires/Sinderen. Semantic verification of behavior conformance.

Diskin. Mathematics of the UML.



Coffee break 10:00 - 10:20


An IT expert in context 10:20 - 11:50

Flanagin/Holloway. Patterns of creativity and composition in software development, music and film.

Flanagin. Doing active harm: Patterns of process, anti-process and chaos in information technology.

Kilov. Finding work: An IT expert as an entrepreneur.

Krasicki. Serving the customer: BTW, do they have any idea what their system is doing right now?




Lunch 11:50 - 1:10


Development Foundations and Practice 1:10 - 2:30

Compestine. Rapid development with design by contract: Test-driven development without a test mess.

Farias/Gueheneuc/Sudholt. Integrating behavior protocols in Enterprise Java Beans.

Kim/Ghosh/France/Song. Software component specification using role-based modeling language.

Pons/Baum. Contract soundness for object-oriented software development process.



Coffee break 2:30 - 2:50


Business (and other) domain modeling 2:50-5:00

Beale. Archetypes: Constraint-based domain models for future-proof information systems

Bhate. Modeling the management of research and development with contracts of three different types.

Drori. Characterizing enterprise needs in OODPM methodology.

Partridge. What is a customer? The beginnings of a reference ontology for customer.

Pishev. The economics of business domain modeling.

Sack/Balicki. Contracts and contract analogs in organizational contexts.


Final discussion (leading to some conclusions)