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This web site contains various ontologies for research purposes.

Use Case Description Ontology

Use Case Description Ontology (UCDO). Use cases are a commonly used technique for specifying the functional requirements of a project. This ontology is concerned with the formal representation of the flow of events that occurs in a use case, including alternative flows and exceptional flows. Nonfunctional requirements are specified separately.

Use Case Description Ontology

Open Ontology Repository Use Cases. Proposed use cases for the Open Ontology Repository. Here is another view of the OOR use cases.

There are a number of issues that these use cases can be used to address:

  1. The metadata for the OOR will be based on an ontology. The ontology that has been proposed for this purpose is the OMV. Are the use cases compatible with the OMV or will it be necessary to add elements to the OMV?
  2. Are there additional use cases that should be included? It has been suggested that the use cases deal well with the management and storage of ontologies but very little with the use of the ontologies.

Ken Baclawski
College of Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University