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    Well, welcome to my (Kenny Baclawski's) personal origami website. I design and fold original origami models of various creatures and whatnot. Here, you can find pictures, crease patterns, diagrams, and general information about these models and whatever else I've been up to. Everything on this website was folded (not cut, pasted, torn, shred, glued, etc.) from one square sheet of paper, unless explicitly noted.  Everything here was also designed, folded, and diagrammed by myself, again, unless very explicitly noted.

    If you are not familiar with origami, I would strongly recommend checking the "Links" section for a few websites which can explain the general concepts of this art.  This website may contain very complex models and instructions, and I might not go into much basic detail as such.



7/6/08- pretty much everything updated: new site format, 26 new models, 86 new pictures, 7 new cps, and 4 new pages of diagrams too



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