CS 3200: Database Design

This course presents the database design process practiced when creating a relational database; it also presents the relational database management systemís architecture as well as the fundamental ACID properties of a relational database management system. The extended entityrelationship model and normalization will be used in designing relational schemas. Relational algebra and its relationship to the SQL language will be presented. Advanced topics include triggers, stored procedures, indexing, query plan representation, elementary query optimization, and fundamentals of transactions, concurrency and recovery. The course will also include an introduction to NoSQL databases and provide students the opportunity to compare SQL to NoSQL. Students will work in groups to define a database project that includes the design and implementation of a database as well as an application for interacting with the database.


Assignnments can be found in blackboard.

NB:Assignments are due at 11:59 on the due date. There will be a 10% penalty for each late day.


[9/7/2016] First day of class


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Homeworks,Readings and Comments

Sep 7

Course Introduction


Sep 8

Introduction to Databases

Read Chapter 1 in textbook

Sep 12

Database Environment

Read chapter 2; Optional: Chenís E-R Model

Sep 14

Database Environment

Read chapter 2; Optional: Chenís E-R Model

Sep 15

Database Architectures

Read Chapter 3

Sep 19

MySQL practicum

Murach Chapter 3,

MySQL workbench user manual; Day to install MySQL on your laptop during class time

Sep 21

Quiz 1 (Chapter 1, 2, 3.1,3.3,3.5,3.6)


Sep 22

Relational model

Connolly Chapter 4

Sep 26


SQL Murach Chapter 11

Sep 28


Murach Chapter 3

Sep 29

UML Modeling

Connolly Chapter 12

Oct 3

UML Modeling

Connolly Chapter 13

Oct 5

UML modeling

Connolly Chapter 13

Oct 6

UML Modeling

Connolly Chapter 13

Oct 10



Oct 12

Normal form , functional dependencies

Connolly 14.5-14.9, Chapter 17

Oct 13

Advanced SQL

Murach Chapter 10 SQL Aggregate functions Ch. 6

Oct 17

Quiz 2


Oct 19

SQL JOIN and Union , Procedures and Triggers

Murach Chapter 4, 7

Murach 13, 15

Oct 20

Relational Algebra, RA to SQL

Connolly 5.1

Oct 24

SQL compound and nested queries

Murach Chapter 5

Murach Chapter 6

Murach Chapter 7

Oct 26

Embedded SQL, SQL DDL commands

Murach Chapter 13

Murach Chapter 15

Murach Chapter 16

Oct 27

Quiz 3 (SQL, Relational Algebra),

Oct 31

Transactions, Concurrency , ACID

Connolly Chapter 22

Nov 2

Locks deadlocks , Progress report due

Connolly Chapter 22

Nov 3

Recoverability, Isolation levels

Connolly Chapter 23

Nov 7

Mongo DB / No SQLMapReduce

Mongo DB user manual, ACM article on MongoDB, Bring your laptop to class for the installation

Nov 9

Quiz 4 (Transactions)


Nov 10

No SQL and Mongo DB

Nov 14

File structures

Appendix F

Nov 16

Tree index

Appendix F

Nov 17

Hash index, bitmask index

Appendix F

Nov 21

HashIndex , Bitmask Index

Appendix F

Nov 23



Nov 24



Nov 28

Quiz 5 (File structure, indexes, NoSQL)


Nov 30

Project presentations


Dec 1

Project presentations

Dec 5

Project presentations


Dec 7

Project presentations, Projects due



Course Information

Instructor: Kathleen Durant



CS 2510 (CS U213)

Point Distribution

Required Textbooks

Database Systems A practical approach to design, implementation and management (6th edition) by Thomas Connolly and Carolyn Begg

Murachís My SQL by Joel Murach (2 nd edition) Other Recommended Textbooks


Classic Papers





         JAVA JDBC Database Access

         My SQL JAVA J Connector Manual

         JDBC Tutorial by Maryam Aziz

Example connection code: DBDemo.java


Python and My SQL

Tutorial on Creating a Web Application using Python, Flask, MySQL

Connecting to My SQL with Python by Maryam Aziz

†† †† Example connection code: DBDemo.py

PHP and My SQL

Connecting to My SQL with PHP by Rohan Rayarikar

List of php functions for My SQL

R and My SQL

        R installation

        R Studio installation

        Connecting to My SQL from R

†† C# and Visual Studio

Setting up a Web application in Visual Studio by Dominic Catalano

NO SQL CAP Theorem

         General Description of CAP as well as its significance by Julian Browne

         Keynote Presentation PODC 2000 by Brewer

         Proof of CAP by Gilbert & Lynch

         Implications of CAP by Gilbert & Lynch




Other NO SQL Concepts


Semantic and Network relationships


         Star wars files


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