Shuwen Jethro Sun – Prior News

Summary: I research principles and ways for building systems to improve performance, reliability and security.

Before I joined Northeastern …

December 2017: Our work, Debugging distributed systems via Pythia, is accepted to New England Networking and Systems Day as a poster!

August 2017: I will be joining Boston University Hariri Institute for Computing (as a staff researcher) as a part of the Mass Open Cloud. I will dedicate myself to monitoring and performance related deployment in in-production datacenter!

June 23 2017: Hoo-ray!!! I am awarded the NSF Travel Grant to attend SIGCOMM’17, can't wait to see my friends in LA this August!

June 2017: Invited research internship in Red Hat Boston campus this summer, I will work on tracing and monitoring for distributed systems.

May 2017: Current working paper: “NetEx: Enabling Diversity in Cloud Networks” is finished! Meanwhile, I received my M.S. degree and graduated from BU CS department!

March 2017: Supported by MOC, I will attend NSDI’17 in Boston!

October 2016: Our work, Hardware Isolation Layer, is accepted to SoCC’16!

June 2016: I am awarded the student travel grant to attend ATC’16 and HotCloud’16 in Denver, CO! Update: Check out the recipients picture!


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