Fall 2004: 4.208
Designing Persuasive Environments and Technologies

Project planning and critique

Due beginning of class on Thu Oct 28


The goal of this assignment is for you to define a reasonable scope for your project.  It would be helpful to talk with Stephen about your ideas before you spend a lot of time writing. 

Part 1: Think about the problem you are solving

In text, please address the following questions: 

Part 2: Think about the context in which you will solve the problem

In your write-up, describe the situation(s) in which you expect your interface to be used. What are the objects in the real world that will in some way influence your interface design? What information will your device need to know about what the person using it (or people nearby) are doing? How will information from the world be entered into the device? List the hard problems your interface will need to deal with. List your technology assumptions.

Part 3: Describe the user's tasks

List the type of activity the user(s) may be engaged in when your proposed interface is initiated. How will your interface change based upon the user's tasks? 

Part 4: Describe what the user will experience

Using sketches or text, briefly describe some of how your proposed interface will work.  

Part 5: Describe how you will either build a prototype or formally test a component of your idea or model the environment

Please be detailed and show you have the resources to accomplish the development and/or testing.  


In class, you will have a few minutes to present your general idea. Describe the idea using a PowerPoint presentation in as much detail as you can.

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