Fall 2004: 4.208 
Designing Persuasive Environments and Technologies

Project Ideas Brainstorming 

Due beginning of class on Thu Oct. 7
(with a class presentation that day)  


The purpose of this assignment is for you to (1) make two detailed proposals for final project topics and (2) get some feedback from the class on your ideas. 


Please read the project information page carefully.  


Plan to spend at least four hours on this exercise. 

Based upon your interests, previous assignments, class discussion, readings, etc., develop two distinct ideas for class projects that meet the project guidelines. Each idea should be a project that you would like to pursue, but ideally they will be quite different. Presentation of these ideas will not lock you into a particular project. 

For each idea, create a one-page summary that should sell the idea. Which project option has been chosen? How would your proposed idea work? What will the system/environment do? What evidence do you have from the readings so far that your proposal will work? Why is it better than other options? How will the system/environment change as the users change? Finally, how will you either build a prototype or run an experiment to test/evaluate the idea? What skills and technologies will be required? 


Prepare a presentation for Tuesday's class. You will have exactly 3 minutes for each idea. You should use the entire time to describe the idea. Use whatever media you required to clearly present your ideas. You will be timed to ensure we get through the entire class so practice to ensure that you can describe each idea in the allotted time! [Note, you cannot shortchange time for one of your ideas and add the time to the other] 

Please create a one-page info sheet that has short blurbs of both of your ideas and the following information: 

Leave about a 1/3 of the page blank for comments. During your presentation the class will write questions/comments on these sheets, which you will get back. There will also be time for questions so you can get some feedback. 


Hand in a copy of each project idea description (2 pages total) and bring enough copies of your 1 page info sheet for each class member.

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