Inventing a Home of the Future


Session 1: Wed Jan 5

Introduction and Introductions
Ground rules
Warm-up: the "super pen"
Activities list
Assignment: peruse your favorite gadget catalog for activity inspiration

Preliminary activities list

Session 2: Fri Jan 7 : What we do in homes

Properties we desire in our homes
Ranking activities (desirable / undesirable)
Property clustering
Sleep/relax brainstorm

Properties we desire in the home
Clustered properties (in progress)
Clustered and ranked activities (in progress)
Sleep/relax prototype design

Session 3: Wed Jan 12

Sources of inspiration
Technology assumptions
Homes of the future of the past slide show
Spaces for sleeping/relaxing prototype design
Design revision
Health/bath brainstorm (maybe email)

More properties of this home of the future
Action properties (excel spreadhseet, print out)
Come with sketches for for sleeping/relaxing/bath areas

Session 4: Fri Jan 14

Spaces for health/bath

Actions for sleeping area to handle
Actions for bathing area to handle

Session 5: Wed Jan 19

Working health/bath properties

Some good ideas

Session 6: Fri Jan 21

Spaces for cooking/eating

Session cancelled

Session 7: Wed Jan 26

Spaces for entertainment
Spaces for education

Summary of ideas so far
Some questions
Entertainment - what works and what doesn't

Session 8: Fri Jan 28

Spaces for transportation

Summary session: ?

Final designs/models and summary