CS7880: Special Topics in Theoretical Computer Science

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Course Staff

Huy L. Nguyen (WVH 358)

Office hour: Thursday 1:25 - 2:25pm

Class Time: Monday & Thursday 11:45 am – 1:25 pm

Class Room: Ryder Hall 296

Discussion Forum: Piazza


this course will discuss various algorithmic paradigms for efficiently processing large datasets. We will cover streaming and sketching algorithms that produce compact representations of the data, dimension reduction methods that preserve geometric structure, and efficient algorithms for numerical linear algebra.


Students are expected to solve problem sets (20%), scribe a lecture and help grade a problem set (10%), present a research paper (10%), and complete a research project (60%).

Homework 1 and Latex source

Paper presentation

Students are expected to present a recent research paper related to topics discussed in the course. For longer papers it is possible to have a team of two working on the same paper. Here are some sample papers:


You should prepare your homework solutions using LaTeX. LaTeX is a scientific document preparation system; most CS technical publications are prepared using this tool. Great editors exist on most platforms. Some recomend TexShop for Mac. TeXstudio is a good cross-platform editor.

The not so short introduction to Latex is a good reference to get you started.