CS7800: Advanced Algorithms

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Course Staff

Huy L. Nguyen (WVH 358)

TA: Anamay Chaturvedi.

Office Hours:
Monday 10:30-11:30 WVH 358 (Huy).
Wednesday 10-11 discussion area on 3rd floor of WVH (Anamay).

Class Time: Monday & Thursday 11:45 am – 1:25 pm

Class Room: Richards Hall 275

Discussion Forum: Piazza

Homework Submission Site: Gradescope (use code 9RV3EE to sign up)


Design and analysis of algorithms are an integral part of computer science. This course provides a broad overview of advances in algorithm design in the last few decades and will enable students to read and understand papers in algorithm research and apply them to problems at hand. The course is suitable for graduate students and advanced undergraduate students. Familiarity with proof-based maths is strongly advised.

The course focuses on common challenges in applications but typically not seen in undergraduate algorithms such as uncertainty, large scale inputs, intractability, strategic behavior, etc. New ideas including randomization, high dimensional geometry, continuous optimization, etc will be introduced and applied to a variety of applications.


Grades will be based on homeworks (65%) and a final exam (35%). Homeworks typically include optional problems, which do not affect grades but they serve as additional study materials for motivated students.



There is no textbook. The main reading materials are the lecture notes. Additional readings are also provided for motivated students.


You should prepare your homework solutions using LaTeX, and submit PDFs to Gradescope. LaTeX is a scientific document preparation system; most CS technical publications are prepared using this tool. Great editors exist on most platforms. Some recomend TexShop for Mac. TeXstudio is a good cross-platform editor.

The not so short introduction to Latex is a good reference to get you started.