CS4800: Algorithms and Data

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Course Staff

Prof. Huy L. Nguyen (WVH 358)

TAs: Chin Ho Lee, Lisa Oakley, and Manas Purohit .

Office Hours:
Wednesday, 11am - 12pm, WVH 358 with Prof. Nguyen.
Wednesday, 12pm - 2pm, WVH 166 with Lisa Oakley.
Wednesday, 4pm - 6pm, WVF 116 with Chin Ho Lee.
Thursday, 11am - 12pm, WVH 358 with Prof. Nguyen.
Thursday, 9:30am - 11:30am, WVH 362 with Manas Purohit.

Class Time: Tuesday & Friday 1:35 pm – 3:15 pm

Class Room: West Village G 104

Discussion Forum: Piazza

Homework Submission Site: Gradescope (use code 9ERX47 to sign up)


This is an introductory course in algorithms. Every computer program can be viewed as an implementation of an algorithm for solving a particular computational problem. The focus of this course is on learning algorithm design techniques for solving the underlying computational problems. We will also look at how algorithms translate to programs, but our emphasis will be on the algorithm design and analysis. In this class, you will


Grades will be based on homeworks (50%), 2 midterms (15% each), and final (20%). The lowest homework score will be dropped.



We assign reading materials mainly from: The following books may be useful for further reading and as references after the course:


You should prepare your homework solutions using LaTeX, and submit PDFs to Gradescope. LaTeX is a scientific document preparation system; most CS technical publications are prepared using this tool. Great editors exist on most platforms. Some recomend TexShop for Mac. TeXstudio is a good cross-platform editor.

The not so short introduction to Latex is a good reference to get you started.