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Updated 6 September 2005


Unix is multi-user operating system that can be used through a command-line interface or in WIMP mode (Windows, Icons, Mouse, Pointing) through the X windows system. In the CCIS labs it is often used in a mixed mode, with one or more of the windows being an xterm window (terminal window) accepting typed commands. For this course the primary use of the system is for editing, compiling and running Java code as well as generating and viewing Javadoc documentation. The editor most people will use is Emacs that can be used remotely in a telnet window or in a more menu-driven form in X windows. Many may now use IDEs instead of plain editors. See this page for more information about editors/IDEs. The primary purpose of this web page, as with a number of others in the course is to give you links to useful information, in this case Unix.

You will also see numerous examples of the use of many different capabilities when I'm accessing the system and doing things online in class. Additional information is always available via google.com searches.

Access to the CCIS Unix systems

The basic Computing and Software Resources information for CCIS (our College of Computer & Information Science).


Our College has an extensive and useful collection of information about Unix (developed at the U. of Edinburgh) online.

Another popular introduction is the Introduction to Unix developed at the Maui, Hawaii High Performance Computing Center.

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