Syllabus/Schedule - CSU540 Computer Graphics - Fall 2005

Professor Futrelle

Version of 25 October 2005

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An informal set of notes on the topics and textbook chapters and sections that will be emphasized, can be found here.

As of September 10th, the schedule is fairly complete through the first week of October.

Week 1. September 7, 8
Classes: Broad overviews of computer graphics and this course. Introduction to resources, procedures, readings, assignments, project, and exams.
Readings: Chapters 1 and 2. Pay special attention to the section on Triangles.
Assignments: While reading Chapter 2, work out some examples for your own benefit, computing the values of some expressions, drawing diagrams, etc., especially, do Triangle examples. Hand in your notes for the Chapter on Wednesday the 14th. This will help you a lot with the first Quiz. No grade will be recorded, but I will put a checkmark in the record for you.
Week 2. September 12, 14, 15
Classes: Finish the discussion of Chapter 2 topics, focusing on implicit lines, curves, and planes, as well as parametric lines, and quite importantly, triangles using barycentric coordinates. Brief discussion of Chapter 3, followed by the beginnings of Chapters 5 and 6.
Readings: Read Chapter 3. Pay attention of RGB colors and Line Drawing.
Assignments: Informal written assignment due in class Wednesday, the 14th. Details here. At some point, you may be asked to work out a numerical example, using the algorithm at the bottom of page 60. Practice working through it for short lines, e.g., from 3,3 to 8,6.
Week 3. September 19, 21, 22 (21st is last day to file Final Exam conflict)
Classes: Focus on Chapter 5, and especially, Chapter 6 on transforms. This will complete the sections dealing with (the applications of) linear algebra. Overview of the first programming assignment, ray tracing diffuse spheres.
Readings: Chapters 5 and 6 (skipping Chapter 4). In Chapter 5, read through Sec. 5.2.3, skim the rest. All sections of Chapter 6 are foundational, and require careful reading.
Assignments: Programming Assignment #1 due mailed by the end of the day, Monday, September 19th, 2005. Details here.
Week 4. September 26, 28, 29
Exams: Quiz #1, Thursday the 29th. Information and links are on this Exam page.
Classes: Continue with Chapter 6. Begin discussion of Ray Tracing algorithms and implications for code, Chapter 10.
Readings: Reread Chapters 5 and 6. Read Chapter 10.
Assignments: Written Assignment #1Due in class Monday the 26th: This assignment focuses on vector and matrix algebra and geometric transforms. Details here. You'll get it back, graded, on Wednesday the 28th to help your prepare for Quiz #1 on the 29th.
Week 5. October 3, 5, 6
Classes: Go over Quiz #1. Ray tracing programming for spheres and triangles. Data structures for complex objects made up of triangles - your multi-part course programming project.
Readings: Chapter 10, on Ray Tracing, focusing on spheres and triangles. Qualitative notions of shadows, refraction, etc. Chapter 13 on data structures, focusing on Sec. 13.2.
Assignments: Programming Assignment #2, ray tracing of spheres, "The Planets" due Thursday the 6th.
Week 6. October 12, 13 (Monday the 10th, Columbus Day holiday)
Classes: Discussed PA3 and hierarchies (extra credit for PA3). Shading basics. Began discussion on drawing lines.
Readings: Sec. 3.5.1. (Hierarchies, 13.3) 3.6; 9.1, 9.2;
Assignments: Programming Assignment #3, ray tracing of spheres, "Moving Planets" due Thursday the 20th.
Week 7. October 17, 19, 20
Classes: Describe z-buffer as simpler than ray-tracing. Finish discussion of line drawing. Rest of week on curves, especially, Bézier. Begin discussion on polyhedra made up of triangle meshes and fans.
Readings: Secs. 8.2; 12.5; 13.2; 15.2, 15.6 including only 15.6.1
Assignments: Programming Assignment #3, ray tracing of spheres, "Moving Planets" due Thursday the 20th.
Week 8. October 24, 26, 27
Classes: Focus on complex objects made up of triangles.
Readings: Continue studying Secs. 12.5, 13.2.
Assignments: The final project will be described this week - ray tracing complex objects made up of triangles. The major challenge will be creating the data structures that make up the objects.
Week 9. October 31, November 2, 3
Assignments: Semester Project, Part #1 (SP1) - Ray tracing triangles making up a two-ended cone. Due end of the day, Thursday, November 3rd
Week 10. November 7, 9 NO CLASS THE 10th
Week 11. November 14, 16, 17
Exams: Midterm Exam Wednesday Nov 16th. Tentative topics: Ray tracing, shading, line drawing, Bézier curves.
Week 12. November 21, 23 (24th, 25th Thanksgiving holiday)
Week 13. November 28, 30, December 1
Exams:Quiz #2, Wednesday, November 30th.
Week 14. November 28, 30, December 1
Week 15. December 5. 7 (Reading Day, the 8th)
Classes: Review for Final Exam. It will be comprehensive, covering topics from throughout the course. But the review for it will narrow things down. Discussion of the Projects that students have handed in.
Final Exam. Thursday, December 15th at 8am

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