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CSU540 Computer Graphics - Fall 2005 - Prof. Futrelle

Updated 12 December 2005

Details of three extra topics for Final posted

3 December: Find the info page for the three topics here. Each of the three topics will be posted as the descriptions are completed.

The topics of the six questions on the Final posted

They are described in this email archive item.

Final Exam is 8am, Thursday December 15th in 245 RY (Ryder)

The exams in the course are all closed-book, closed-notes. No calculators can be used either, e.g., I will ask you to figure out the trig functions for 45°, something you could get from a calculator with little understanding of the geometry involved. None of the exams will involve programming per se, but may include questions about algorithms.

Quiz #1 - to be given Thursday, September 29th

To start off the course, here are links to Quiz #1 material from two of my prior Graphics classes, one UG, the other Grad. The Grad course used the first edition of the Shirley book. Your Quiz #1 and related material will be similar.

Midterm Exam, Wednesday, November 16th

Details on the Midterm can be found in the following three items:

Quiz #2 cancelled - there will be no Quiz #2.

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