CSU540 Computer Graphics - Fall 2005 - Futrelle - Semester Programming Assignment #2 (SP2)

"Fancy Models" -- Professor Futrelle

DUE 11:59 PM, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22nd, 2005

Version of 15 November 2005

Building a scene using rectangles and sweeping

The assignment, SP2:

See also the list mail item here, which contains additional early notes on SP2.

SP2 uses techniques that are very similar to those in SP1. One difference is that when a portion of the contour such as the line BC is swept, it produces a rectangle, which should then be represented as two triangles. Portions of the contour that touch the rotation axis, such as AB and EF, produce triangles when rotated, since the point on the rotation axis remains fixed.

3D ray traced figure with a spiked bottle in a two-walled room:

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