Funding since joining Northeastern University

NSF DIR88-14522, "A Biological Knowledge Laboratory" $2,485,167, 2/1/89-1/31/93.

Co-PI on NSF IRI91-17030, "Data/Knowledge Bases for Biological Papers and Techniques" $688,345, 8/1/92-7/31/95. With Kenneth Baclawski, Carole Hafner.

Dept. of Energy, DE-FG02-93ER61718, "Efficient, Intelligent Systems for Navigating the Biological Literature" $246,250, 9/15/93-9/14/95.

NSF IIS-9978004, "The Structure and Content of Diagrams", $399,944 10/1/99-9/30/02.

NSF DBI-0211047 "SGER: Discovering and Using the Knowledge in Biology Text" $125,531 5/1/02-10/31/03

NSF DBI-0543209, "Mining the Figures and Text of the Biological Literature" $172,455 9/1/06-8/31/09, with Javed Aslam.