Below are links to five full papers on NLP-related topics to be presented at ISMB 2003, June 29 - July 3. (Cached on the site in PDF format for your convenience.)

GENIA Corpus - A Semantically Annotated Corpus for Bio-textmining. Jin-Dong Kim, Tomoko Ohta, Yuka Tateisi, and Jun'ichi Tsujii [Download as PDF]

Combining NLP and Probabilistic Categorisation for Document and Term Selectionfor SWISS-PROT Medical Annotation. Pavel B. Dobrokhotov, Cyril Goutte, Anne-Lise Veuthey, and Eric Gaussier [Download as PDF]

Processing of the Natural Language Queries to a Relational Database. Maria Samsonova, Andrei Pisarev, and Maxim Blagov [Download as PDF]

Evaluation of Text Data Mining for Database Curation: Lessons Learned from the KDD Challenge Cup. Alexander Yeh, Lynette Hirschman, and Alexander Morgan [Download as PDF]

Extracting Synonymous Gene and Protein Terms from Biological Literature. Hong Yu and Eugene Agichtein [Download as PDF]

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