Drawing with Chuck Holtzman Spring 2021

These are some of my (Harriet Fell) drawings from an online class with Chuck Holtzman to stay sane during 2021 which still feels like 2020.
Click on small images to see larger versions.

Spring 2021

The objective is to draw along 3 and 1/2 sides of a sheet of paper. Basically, you’ll be creating a border of sorts around the perimeter of most of the page while leaving the majority of the interior space empty or blank. The boarder should express some form of a structure, industrial, biomorphic or a combination of both.
border skeletons
Use any saturated black medium to draw seven fully enclosed shapes in a cluster where every shape is eclipsed in some degree by another shape. Begin with a shape having five sides, another with six sides and so on adding one additional side to each new shape.
On the reverse side of the same sheet create seven more shapes only this time use only a broad outline to define the shapes. Leave the interiors empty, hollow or unfilled.
seven fully enclosed shapes seven outlined shapes
Two drawings, one four times larger than the other and using different drawing materials.
Choose a word from list #1 and a word from list #2. Use the pair of words to form a single prompt for both drawings.
List #1 Discontinuity Discomfort Disassemble
List #2 Ill-conceived Rumble Silence

Using "Silence and Disassemble"
silence silent sea
9”x12” graphite stick4”x6” black and silver sharpies
(meant to be a silent sea but not very silent)
This project involves making every effort to temporarily abandon as much as you possibly can of all that you have acquired over the years concerning the principles of drawing; formal concerns, proper composition, reason, beauty, logic, order, proportion, etc. Basically, this is not thinking outside the box, this is loosing the box. You might set your sights toward keeping tempo with what does not feel right and if what’s happening begins to feel natural, steer in the wrong (other) direction. And make sure to use a pinch of joy!