Drawing with Chuck Holtzman 2020

These are some of my (Harriet Fell) drawings from an online class with Chuck Holtzman to stay sane during 2020.
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Fall 2020

For this project pick and combine any two previous winter 2020 projects.
mixed circle lines clocks and lines
Use any material that allows you to produce a single consistent medium gray tone. The objective, using one tone of gray throughout, is to develop a drawing that appears to defy and/or confound its own sense of weight.
defying weight defying weight defying weight defying weight
Project: Cut a 12” diameter circle using paper or other material. Using a ruler and any drawing material, draw 100 straight lines in a configuration that appears to distort the shape of the circle. Choose A or B
A. No lines can reach or cross the edge of the circle.
in circles in circles in circles in circles

Fall 2020

Project: Draw two distinct views - one on top of another, of the same moment, thought, person, place or thing on a single sheet of paper.
Drawing 1: 25 lines, each roughly 10 -15 inches, may vary in configuration, character, thickness, density etc. Drawing speed should not exceed 2 seconds per inch. On the same page draw 10 lines, each 2 feet long and made at a rate 3 times the speed of the lines in the first group.
Drawing 2: Follow the same procedure as except that this version should be the opposite of the Drawing 1.
Lines Lines
Project: Use only the contents of a magazine’s interior to make a self portrait collage constructed onto the cover that appear as if it is merging with the cover portrait.
Used a wildlife calendar instead.
Project: look through a window at an imagined landscape; look back through the window
from Sherman Bridge tp Sherman Bridge tp Sherman Bridge
Project: IMPENDING or focused restlessness

Summer 2020

Project: Fill in the gaps for a prompt.
Imagine you are having a __ from which you wake only __ __ that you are a __ in someone else’s dream.
Imagine you are having a severe concussion from which you wake only to see a large crucifix in an otherwise empty room, perhaps a crypt. You are afraid that you are a heretic and trapped in someone else’s dream.
The second image is an old one.
vertical lines self horizintal lines self In 1972 I came to from a severe concussion to find myself in a fairly barren room with a 6 foot crucifix on the wall facing me. I assumed I was dead and in a crypt. I calmly thought, “I guess those Christians were right after all.” and went back to sleep. I was actually in a Catholic hospital in Belgium with a cracked skull. I had apparently been hit by a rock spit by a car. Below is a watercolor I did during the blizzard of 1978 based on a sketch I did while still in the hospital. On the crosses, the priest in front and the one in blue are based on people who actually came to preach to me while I was flat on my back. The others are Satan, Mao, and Guignol.
Project: Self portrait comprised of either vertical or horizontal lines
vertical lines self horizintal lines self
Project: On one sheet of paper draw 200 different marks arranged so no physical contact exists between any of the marks. None of the marks should be larger than a thumb nail.
For the second drawing, select a single mark from the 200 you just completed. Using the mark as a standard, draw it 100 times, varying it in size so that no evidence of the mark’s original character is recognizable.
200 Marks 1 Mark Many marks from 1
Project: Three drawings on sheets of paper with 2 edges, 3 edges, and 5 edges.
The first drawing should be composed of linear and/or geometric shapes only, and suggests the idea of rewinding.
The second drawing is about developing organic forms, symbols, patterns, etc., without the use of any straight lines.
The third drawing is a display of what happens when the organic meets the geometrical.
2Sides 2Sides 2Sides
Project: one drawing, one collage and a third piece which combines both drawing and collage
Each piece should be an investigation based at the very least on a single word, or combining two words, whichever you prefer. You could use a different prompt(s)for each work, or the same prompt(s) for all three panels, or some other distribution of word(s) . All words used should be selected from the list below.
Uncertainty Hidden Magnetic Audible Distorted 001O Slip
My drawing, collage, and combination are all on the prompt "Hidden." The Morris dancer is my son George.
hidden dancer hidden George not hidden George George and dancer
Project: Choose an object that you have not have seen in years, so you’ll be working entirely from memory and not from observation.
Drawing 1: Using a single continuous unbroken line, draw the object floating on the page surrounded with a generous amount of space.The object should be VERY DENSE.
Drawing 2: This one will be composed of separate vertical lines arranged compactly in very dense formation.
Drawing 3: Fill the page with an image of a close up of a small section of your object. Cut the panel in half any which way and submit just one of the two halves.
my dog my dog my dog
About my Dog

I grew up in a Brooklyn railroad flat. All the rooms were lined up. My parent’s bedroom was at one end and there was a small room off it that was my father’s study. I was five before I even knew that room existed. There was a box in the room that had a bunch of old toys and among them was a small, hard, stuffed dog with short fuzzy hair and a red felt tongue. I named it “Fuzzy-Wuzzy” and took it to bed most nights. It is the only stuffed toy I remember from my early childhood. Every day when my mother made the beds she put Fuzzy-Wuzzy back in the box and every night I snuck into the dark scary room (I couldn’t reach the lights.) and reclaimed my dog. When I was eight or nine years old, my parents did a major cleanup and decided no one needed the old toys so they gave them to the fire department toy drive. I was so upset that they eventually bought me a stuffed panda that I still have.

The summer I turned twelve, my parents bought a house and we moved to Queens. The previous owners left some books and toys behind. I found my dog in the cellar playroom. It was a replica of Fuzzy-Wuzzy but about twice as large. Clearly it had grown up. I kept the grownup dog with my panda for many years.

In 1989 when my kids were six and eight their school had an evening Halloween party and my husband took them to the party and went dressed as Obelix. He wanted my dog to go with him as Idefix. I pleaded with him not to take it but he was adamant and insulted that I wouldn’t trust him to look after it. That was the last time I saw my dog.

Harriet Fell
College of Computer Science, Northeastern University

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