CS4300 Computer Graphics

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Fall 2012: Meeting Time: M W Th 1:35 PM to 2:40 PM, Room: WVH 110


Harriet Fell

Phone: (617) 373-2198
Office Hours: M 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM; W 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

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(Powerpoint slides and pdfs of lectures will appear during the semester.)

1. Course Overview, Brief Graphics History ppt(2.1 MB) pdf(1.8 MB)

2. Graphics Primitives in Java 2D

3. 2D Graphics Primitives in OpenGL

4. Color ppt(9.3 MB) pdf(8.1 MB)

5 and 6. Lines and Line Attributes ppt(1.2 MB) pdf(0.8 MB)

7. Alpha Blending, Composting, Image Compression ppt(2.4 MB) pdf(2.7 MB)

8. GUIs and Event Driven Programming ppt(1.3 MB) pdf(1.7 MB)

9. Fill ppt(1.2 MB) pdf(438 KB)

10. Triangle Meshes. Rasterizing Triangles ppt(421 KB) pdf(701 KB)

11. Transformations and Matrices ppt(1.5 MB) pdf(861 KB)

12. Homogeneous Coordinates, Transformations in Java

13. Transformations in OpenGL basic.c, build_basic.sh

14 and 15. Curves and Splines
17, 18, and 19. Bezier Curves and Casteljau Algorithm
ppt(660 KB) pdf(1.3 MB)

21. Clipping ppt(221 KB) pdf(144 KB)

22 and 23. Polymesh ppt(425 KB) pdf(351 KB)

24, and 25. Raycasting ppt(1.3 MB) pdf(1.2 MB)

26. Ray-Plane and Ray-Triangle Intersection ppt(3.4 MB) pdf(3.5 MB)

27. Ray Tracing ppt(953 KB) pdf(915 KB)

28 and 29. Fractals and L-Systems ppt(1.6 MB) pdf(1.8 MB)

30. Noise and Turbulence ppt(1.2 MB) pdf(1.1 MB)

31. Perlin Noise ppt(2.7 MB) pdf(1.4 MB)

32. Morphing ppt(4.3 MB) pdf(2.7 MB)

32. Animation ppt(2.4 MB) pdf(634 KB)

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