COM3370 Computer Graphics - Homework 0 Images

Winter 1997

Picture of a double RGB cube Leticia I. Candia

Double RGB Cube

Picture of a color Four Way Square Luis A. Cruz

Four Way Square

Picture of an RGB Square Gary D. Duzan

RGB Square

Picture of a Four Color Circle Guowei Hu

Four Color Circle

Picture of a color triangle Yan Huang

Color Triangle

Picture of a colored Diamond Tiegang Li

Color Diamond

Picture of a color triangular prism Shuang Liang

Triangular Prism

Picture of an RGB Triangle Kelly Liu

RGB Triangle

Picture of a Colored Cross Alberto Medina

Colored Cross

Picture of an RGB Pyramid Igor Plotnik

RGB Pyramid

Picture of Nested Circles Ying Qin

Nested Circles

Picture of an RGB Circle Bojan Rapaic

RGB Circle

Picture of an RGB Triangle Giuseppe A. Sena

RGB Triangle

Picture of Peter Zhang

Color Square

Picture of color abstract Ning Zhuang

Color Abstract

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