DemeterF/DemFGen and Eclipse

DemeterF in Eclipse:

Because DemeterF is just an external library, you simply need to add the JAR to your project's dependencies.

Right click on an existing Project, choose "Properties". Select "Java build Path" on the left. Select the "Libraries" tab, and click the "Add External JARs" button and browse to the location of demeterf.jar. Click "OK"

You will need to import the classes, but otherwise it is just like any other library.

DemFGen with Eclipse:

I usually create a file hierarchy within my project, say PRJ, that looks like this:


Here's a sample generation directory from the DemeterF source code listings. Feel free to have a look around the source code and directories for other interesting things.

The "" file simply runs DemFGen on the CD/BEH files and copies the generated files into the correct directory (classes in my setup). A sample "" file is available Here.

Each time after making the Java files, just select the project in Eclipse and Refresh (hit F5 or right-click and select from the menu), if there are any errors in the generated code then check your CD/BEH file.

Typical errors will be mismatched package names, missing import declarations, or sytax/type errors in BEH definitions.

IMPORTANT:If there are unresolvable errors in generated code contact me (chadwick, CC Prof. Lieberherr) immediatly so we can resolve them ASAP.