Benjamin Lerner

SEMINAL: Prototype implementation


Our prototype implementation is available for download as a patch on the sources of ocaml-3.08.4. It is made available under the same license as Objective Caml itself. To install:

  1. Make sure you have a version of ocaml installed already, to bootstrap the compilation.
  2. Download the ocamlc-3.08.4 sources, and unzip to a directory of your choosing.
  3. Download the Seminal patch. To apply it, change into the top directory of the unzipped Ocaml sources, and run patch -p1 < path/to/seminal.patch
  4. As usual, ./configure ; make world.opt ; make install
  5. This release provides drop-in replacements for ocamlc and ocamlc.opt. To see the Seminal suggestions, use the -seminal command-line flag.

Feedback and Support

If you're using our prototype, please email us to let us know how you're using it (just checking it out, using it yourself, or for a class, or whatever) and what you think of it.

Seminal is not currently under active development, but if there is sufficient interest we will be maintaining it and fixing particularly problematic bugs. We'd appreciate your feedback.


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