2 Artifact Overview

The relevant files are in /home/artifact/Desktop/. This directory contains
  • README.html: This page

  • paper/: A directory with the source code of the paper and the data used in the paper

  • tools/: A directory with the tools used to run the benchmarks and process the data generated

  • benchmarks/: A directory with the benchmarks used in the paper

  • run.sh: A script to run a particular benchmark

  • run-all.sh: A script to run all benchmarks in the benchmark/ directory. This may take as long as 2 months to complete.

The experiments for this artifact are run using Racket v6.2, which has been pre-installed in this VM. To explore any of the Racket code, you can open the relevant file from the DrRacket IDE that is linked from the Desktop.

A copy of the Racket documentation is also bundled with this VM. It can be accessed by pressing F1 in DrRacket or by running raco doc <keyword> in the command-line. The keywords in this README are also hyperlinked to the documentation.

See the following sections for more details on the contents of these directories and how to use the included scripts.