Professor Amit Shesh

Professional memberships

ACM SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, AIS (past)

Academic Service

Illinois State University

Committee work

As part of my faculty responsibilities, I have participated in a wide variety of service activities at the department, college and university level.

IT Assessment Committee (Chair, member)

This committee designs and implements our assessment plan for all our majors and degree programs. Results of assessment inform future curricular or assessment changes. This assessment is a required part of our ABET accreditation and University policies.

IT Curriculum Commitee (Member)

This committee presides over curricular issues regarding all the majors offered at the school of Information Technology. Responsibilities include examining course proposals, editing and enforcing approved curricula.

IT School Faculty Status Committee (elected member)

This committee presides over yearly faculty performance evaluations, tenure and promotion cases and salary increments.

IT Recruitment and Retention Committee (Chair, member)

This committee devises and implements strategies to recruit (and retain) bright students in our IT majors. As part of this committee, I have participated in recruitment activities such as phone calls and representing our school at career fairs and local recruitment events.

IT Scholarship Committee (Member)

This committee presides over decisions on student awards and scholarships within the School of Information Technology.

College Curriculum Committee (Member)

This college-level committee oversees degree, curricular and course changes and proposals from all schools within the College of Applied Science and Technology at Illinois State University

University Academic Planning Committee (Member)

This University-level committee periodically reviews all programs offered at Illinois State University and provides feedback for improvement. It also provides feedback, through the Provost, to the Illinois Board of Higher Education regarding the state of programs on campus.

Other Academic Services

  • Regularly representing computer science at IT Open Houses.
  • Participation in various off-campus recruitment events.
  • Faculty mentor for Student Organizations: ACM student club, AITP student club, Indian Students Association
  • Mentoring of junior and adjunct faculty.
  • Mentoring students on campus (related to Information Technology).
  • Participating and judge app development contests.