check in every day

Thu Mar 23 18:37 EST 2017

Here is the code from Tuesday’s lecture: lec15-closed and subst.rkt.

Here is code we will go over in class tomorrow, which shows how to model the typing rules from Tuesday’s lecture: lec15-typed and tut-subst.rkt.

Tue Feb 7 09:31 EST 2017

You need to decide on a project partner and submit a project topic to me for approval by Feb 14. Consult the project page for guidelines on how to choose a paper. As it says on that page, to provoke some searching and thinking on your side, I will not make a default list of papers available until Feb 10.

Mon Feb 6 13:09 EST 2017

You will find the following Redex models useful when working on PS3.

Mon Jan 30 09:40 EST 2017

Max will hold office hours on Mondays from 3pm-4pm in 308 WVH.

Mon Jan 30 08:11 EST 2017

Here is the code from Friday’s lecture: 4.rkt and 4a.rkt.

Also, read the lecture on Accumulators.

Wed Jan 25 17:30 EST 2017

Here is the code from the last two lectures: bool-or/reduction, defining metafunctions, ellipses and where clauses, extending languages and side conditions, designing functions on list-mingled data. Read the files in conjunction with the Redex lectures and Part II of the Redex textbook.

Mon Jan 16 16:37 EST 2017

Mon Jan 9 13:09 EST 2017

Welcome to IPPL (CS 7400).