I am an avid player of the game of Go, a.k.a. igo (囲碁) in Japan, baduk (바둑) in Korea, and weiqi (圍棋, 围棋) in China.

What is Go?

If you don’t know about Go/baduk/weiqi, I recommend this Go Review - A video 4,000 years in the making, by popular boardgaming channel Shut Up & Sit Down.

This is the point in the review where I would look for criticisms of Go, but—candidly—I don't have any. That would be like looking for problems with a pearl. The question isn't "what's wrong with this pearl?", it's "do you like pearls?"

If you find yourself with a bit more time on your hands, I can also strongly recommend AlphaGo - The Movie | Full award-winning documentary, a brilliant and moving documentary on the Google DeepMind Challenge Match of 2016, and AlphaGo’s rise to fame by beating Lee Sedol, one of the strongest players in the history of Go.


I have been playing Go intermittedly since 2014–15, and can confidently say I am somewhere between a strong intermediate and a weak advanced player. My ranks are as follows.

Association Rank
AGA 2 kyu
EGF 2 kyu
NAGF 3 dan (:cold_sweat:)
Server Rank
Foxy 4 dan
KGS 1 dan
OGS 1 dan


I’m a member of the American Yunguseng Dojang (AYD), an online Go school led by In-seong Hwang. Over the course of my reviews, he’s come up with a few noteworthy and funny quotes about my gameplay.

You are good at winning the game that you cannot win. [...] Somehow in the local fighting situation you get something out of nothing; that is your specialty.
Still not stable. But somehow you know the way to win the game.. somehow. It's not easy to explain [your style of play].