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Enhance your studies. Advance your skills. Get a jump on your career.

Our cooperative education program (“co-op,” for short) makes your classroom experience more meaningful—and gives your career a dynamic head start. You’ll alternate semesters of academic study at Khoury College with semesters of employment in your desired field, gaining up to 18 months of professional work experience in the city or across the globe. All to advance your knowledge, develop your skills, and deepen your understanding and perspective.

Explore how co-op works
Undergraduate Co-op Overview

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Your co-op experience is what you make it

Northeastern offers one of the largest and most innovative co-op programs in the world. We’ve connected students and employers for over a century, placing 98 percent of undergrads seeking a co-op job. And the program works: Two-thirds of Khoury undergraduate students are offered full-time positions by their co-op employers upon graduation.

While closely integrated with our course curriculum and advising system, the Khoury co-op program is based on a unique educational strategy recognizing that classroom learning only provides some of the skills you need to succeed.

Participate in the Khoury co-op program and advance your:

  • Learning, technical expertise, and occupational knowledge
  • Confidence, maturity, and self-knowledge
  • Job-seeking and job-success skills
  • Exposure to new opportunities that help you refine your career track
  • Network of contacts in desired career path

Khoury students are in high demand, and you’ll be able to apply to a robust pool of employers—from small local start-ups to global corporations. Plus, our team of co-op coordinators provide the support you need every step of the way. You’ll prepare for your co-op with a semester-long seminar focused on resume writing, interviewing skills, and professional behavior.

Our employers, your opportunities

What makes the Khoury co-op program such a powerful experience for our undergraduate students? Doing significant work for some of the world’s most pioneering companies.