Current Student - Undergraduate - First Year Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to Northeastern University—and welcome to Khoury College. The information below will help you prepare for your academic experience as well as life on campus. If you have any questions, please email or call us at 617.373.6519.


In order to best prepare yourself for joining Northeastern University, be sure to visit the orientation website where you can find:

  • Registration information
  • Parent and Family Information
  • And much more!

Course registration

Your Khoury advisor will work with you to select first semester courses during orientation.

As part of your first semester curriculum, you will take CS2500 Fundamentals of Computer Science 1 and CS1800 Discrete Structures.

CS2500 is an introduction to computing and programming. Its major goal is to introduce students to the principles of systematic problem solving through programming and the basic rules of computation. The course does not assume any prior programming experience. It is therefore suitable for all freshman students—majors and non-majors alike—who wish to explore the intellectual ideas of the discipline. It does assume a basic familiarity with arithmetic and algebra, and it demands a basic degree of curiosity, self-discipline, and willingness to work with others.

CS1800 introduces the mathematical structures and methods that form the foundation of computer science. The material will be motivated by applications from computer science. Students will learn: (1) specific skills, e.g., binary and modular arithmetic, set notation, sequences, lists, trees, and graphs, etc.; (2) general knowledge, e.g., counting, proof, and analysis techniques needed to estimate the size of sets, the growth of functions, and the space-time complexity of algorithms; and (3) how to think, e.g., general problem solving techniques. The main prerequisite for this course is a firm knowledge of high-school algebra.

Laptop Recommendations

The Khoury College of Computer Sciences requires all incoming students to purchase a laptop as of Fall 2017. The College is a 50/50 split with regard to PC vs. MAC.

The following system parameters are recommended:

  • Minimum of 16 GB of internal memory
  • As much hard disk space as you can afford, 256 GB or above is recommended
  • The fastest current processor is not necessary. It is usually less expensive to choose a processor that is one or two steps below the fastest available.
  • Display of 13” with higher resolution so it’s easier to code (14” is preferred)
  • Insurance is recommended
  • myNortheastern has a list of vendors that provide discounts
  • Please contact Ben Hescott ( if you have any further questions.

Account Set-up

As a new Khoury student, you will have your own Khoury account. This will allow you to use any of the lab machines in the college with a simple sign-on. All of your information on your profile will always be available to you. Set up a Khoury account on the first day of classes.

As a Northeastern University student, you will also have your own University wide account.  myNortheastern is your portal for all things Northeastern. From your account, you can access your email, view and pay your bill, register for courses, and much more.

To get started, click “How do I get a myNortheastern username and password?” and follow the instructions. A few tips for creating your account:

  • You will be asked for your SSN. If you didn’t include your SSN on your application, or if you are an international student and don’t have one, you have been assigned a PKID (or an international ID), which you can find in your enrollment deposit confirmation email.
  • If your permanent address zip code is not five digits, the system may not recognize it. Instead, please enter 02115.
  • The myNortheastern HelpDesk can assist you with trouble activating your account. Please email or submit a trouble ticket after the failed registration attempt.


Be sure to visit the housing and residential life website for all of your questions about where to live.

Student Financial Services

Northeastern University’s student financial services website gives you the information you need regarding tuition, fees, student employment and more.

Transfer Students

Transferring from another university or college? Read up on Northeastern’s transfer credit policy to ensure a smooth transition.