Current Student - Masters - Student Groups & Organizations
Khoury College has a small college feel with all the resources of a major research university. The culture is collaborative and team oriented, and over time most students develop a strong sense of community and belonging by joining and leading student groups at Khoury and Northeastern. We encourage you to get involved and take advantage of the many resources available—and then later give back to the college, university, and wider communities.

Khoury PhD Mentoring Workshops

The Khoury PhD Mentoring Program was initiated by Dean Brodley and Professor Alan Mislove. The aim of the program is to provide college-wide guidance to PhD students. This program consists of 8 one and a half hour long workshops. Three of the eight meetings will be targeted primarily to the needs of the junior students, two targeted for senior students, while the remaining should appeal to all students. The topics are timed so that they will come at the most relevant times (e.g., interviewing skills before many people go on interviews, etc). All PhD student and faculty are welcome to attend any of the meetings. Workshops are very informal and will consist of discussions, exercises, and guest faculty – avoiding as much PowerPoint as possible!

The meetings will be held over lunchtime, and food will be served. Check the events calendar for the current semester’s schedule.

Khoury graduate student groups

  • Grad Women Coders – NU Grad Women Coders aims to create a conducive environment for women in tech to help each other further their ambitions and take on leadership roles in the tech world. They host weekly tech sessions by members of the community or inspiring external guests. They work on projects around campus to help solve problems using technology. They share information about and attend Hackathons and other tech events happening around town. They also have sessions to help each other understand and solve interview questions. This group is open to all women in tech and supporters of women in tech.
  • Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) – This student chapter facilitates professional activities and information sessions among Northeastern University students, faculty and staff interested in Information Assurance.
  • Masters Council – The Khoury Masters Council (KMC) serves as the official student government organization for all Khoury Masters programs. Each semester, KMC organizes a variety of events, including movie or game nights, academic and career mentoring events, panel discussions, and open meetings. Open meetings are an opportunity to network with other students and share concerns. KMC’s goal is to foster diversity, inclusion, and knowledge sharing within the Masters programs, and support students in making the most of their time at Khoury. KMC also runs a Slack channel and Facebook page.
  • PhD Social Hour – The Khoury PhD social hour is a weekly event organized by the PhD students for the PhD students.  It is a venue for them to come together and socialize, network, relax or talk research over snacks and beverages. It is held weekly alternatively in West Village H and ISEC.
  • PhD Women Group – PhD Women Group is a networking group for female-identifying PhD students at Khoury College of Computer Sciences at Northeastern University. This group is meant to serve as a platform for networking, discussion of special interest topics, and as a neutral and safe social space for its members. We have regular meet-ups, at least once every month during the academic school year. Previous meet-ups have included invited speakers, and brown-bag lunches. Members have also organized happy hour meet-ups for the group.
  • Undistinguished Lecture Series (UDLS) – The Undistinguished Lecture Series (‘UDLS’) is an inclusive and major community building event for the graduate students of Khoury College. It is a bi-weekly event that happens on Fridays at 6:00 p.m. where student volunteers give short talks about a random topic. We provide food for the session as well. It also includes game nights, where students bring their own games/video games, and also have open table discussions on various topics. Our mission is to foster a sense of belonging and community to all the PhD students of the college, provide a platform to come under one roof to discuss and engage in exchange of ideas and have a space to share interests beyond their research topics.

Northeastern Student Groups

The university’s student clubs and organizations provide a venue to develop your leadership potential. Academic and professional societies connect you to a network of accomplished professionals in your field. You’ll find athletic clubs, performing arts groups, cultural organizations, and everything in between. To find graduate student groups, go to the Center for Student Involvement’s student organization search and select the Graduate category.