Exceptional Students are Awarded

August 28, 2011

Ken McGrady stands between Aileen Yates and Melissa Perkin after receiving the William Jefferson Alcott, Jr. Award

The 40th annual Cooperative Education Awards were held on March 31st. The College of Computer and Information Science was proud that two of our senior students were recognized by such a competitive and prestigious honor.

Kenneth McGrady, a combined major in computer science and mathematics, received the William Jefferson Alcott, Jr. Award, which is presented to one senior within the university who utilizes his or her academic training in a creative way to make a positive contribution to society, and who has demonstrated exceptional achievement in cooperative education. It also recognizes the student’s accomplished goals beyond the requirements of the University curriculum. Between Ken’s co-op experiences at MITRE, Intuit and Pixar Animation Studios, his role as a research assistant in providing faster parsing technologies in compilers, and key player in the creation of Northeastern’s iPhone App “Discover Northeastern,” Ken is an individual who has made a significant impact to the college, university, and to all of the companies he has worked with on co-op. In addition, Ken’s involvement with ACM, CISters, NUEats, along with his role as Orientation Leader, RA and tutor, clearly demonstrate how he has gone above and beyond to make a lasting mark on the College of Computer and Information Science.

Alex Brick received the Outstanding Co-op Award for the college

Alex Brick, a combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science candidate in Computer Science, with a minor in mathematics, received the Outstanding Co-op Award for the college. With Alex’s two co-ops at Amazon, one of CCIS’s most sought after co-op positions, his demanding course of study, his research within the college and his study abroad in Japan, Alex has taken full advantage of everything Northeastern University has to offer. Additionally, Alex is a tour guide for the Admission Office and participates in the CCIS Fellow program where he mentors freshmen students and assists in the Overview 2 class. Alex embodies the ethic, spirit and can-do personality of a student who seizes all opportunity to make the most of his education.

It has been a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with both Ken and Alex over the last five years, and they truly will be missed. We look forward to hearing of their successes in the years to come, as they both head to Seattle, Ken to work at Hulu and Alex to work at Amazon.