Do you want to break into tech, but don’t have a background in computer science? No problem!

May 20, 2020

Khoury College’s Align Pathways program may be for you!

In 2013 we launched an experiment: the Align Master of Science in Computer Science. It provides a pathway into tech designed for students with no previous CS experience. Today the program has over 1,000 students at four campus locations, with roll out scheduled at three more campuses within the next 12 months. Half of our students are women and, of domestic students, 21% are underrepresented minorities. The Align MSCS students also come from a variety of undergraduate backgrounds, having majored in business, political science, English, anthropology, biology and more. Half the students in Align had a non-STEM major as an undergrad.


New Initiative – A Graduate Certificate in Software Development

Today, our mission is even more important. With soaring unemployment and entire sectors struggling, skilled professionals are out of work and recent graduates are facing a daunting job market. In response, we have created an additional pathway as an immediate priority: the graduate certificate in cloud software development. Cloud computing is an area that continues to project significant growth. We are launching this program on June 8th with the free pre-requisite course. This two-semester/16 credit program will take only a year to complete (compared to 2.5 years for the Align MSCS), providing a fast-track into tech by quickly upskilling individuals with little to no background in CS.

If you are interested in either of these programs, please contact Meg Barry at to learn more.

To implement this plan, we seek to collaborate with individual and corporate partners who share our commitment in building transformative pathways that allow individuals from all backgrounds to break into and thrive in tech. We are actively seeking scholarship support and industry insights on how this could fit into a company’s recruiting strategy. To learn more about supporting a student or incorporating this program into your recruiting process, please contact Lindsey Sadonis at