CCIS Senior Michael May Wins Prestigious 2013 Compass Award

April 11, 2013

CCIS Senior Michael May was the college’s unanimous choice for this year’s Compass Award, Northeastern University’s Office of Alumni Relations signature student awards program. The prestigious Compass Award goes to a senior from each undergraduate college who has shown a commitment to the core values of Northeastern: leadership, volunteerism, and academic integrity.

A natural leader from his earliest days in CCIS, Michael uses his enthusiasm and humor to bring people together and build community. As an RA in the CCIS Living Learning Community, Michael developed a variety of events, including two for charity: “Macy’s Miracle: Letter to Santa for Charity” and “Pie Your RA.” He also initiated study and review sessions, helped with student homework, and worked to bring upper class students and freshmen closer together. Michael’s focus on assisting others in achieving their academic goals has been an offshoot of his own academic integrity and responsibility. His character has been recognized outside Northeastern as well, where Michael held two cyber security co-op positions requiring Top Secret clearance.

Michael’s volunteer work is unparalleled among CCIS students. He works extensively with prospective students, participating in panels, leading tours during the weekly CCIS Monday admissions events, and taking prospective students to lunch for one-on-one attention. A top-tier student himself, Michael has served as a CCIS Fellow, a peer mentor program for first-year students as they transition academically and personally to Northeastern University and the College of Computer and Information Science. This prestigious student leadership position carries the passion, dedication, and innovation fostered within the college.

A true Husky, Michael is an avid Northeastern sports fan and a diehard hockey supporter. A dedicated broomball intramural sports player, the broomball team has made it to the championship game two out of the three seasons Northeastern participated.

Michael May stands out as an exceptional student, leader, and volunteer among an extraordinary peer group. The 2013 Compass Award will no doubt be the first of his many achievements as he ventures out into the life of a Northeastern alumnus.