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Venkatesh Balasubramanian

Class of 2016

Quality Engineer

    Venkatesh Balasubamanian

    I started my professional career with Accenture Service Pvt Ltd as a Software Development Engineer in Test serving for Microsoft client. My primary task at Accenture was to design automation frameworks for both client and web based applications using Visual Studio 2010 Coded UI. I have automated 70% of the test cases from regression test suite resulting in 30% savings of manual effort in testing the applications for every release.

    As a part of cooperative education experience, I got an opportunity to work as Android Application Developer at BlackBerry, Andover Massachusetts. Worked with HUB application development team for the new BlackBerry PRIV device powered by Android. HUB brings your communication into one place so you can manage your messages in one location.

    Class notes

    Hello World! Myself Venkatesh, recent grad from Northeastern University. I have a solid knowledge in data structures and algorithms, software development tools, as well as practical experience in these fields. As a part of curriculum, I had successful experience in developing codes in object-oriented programming. When it was required to collaborate with other students on team projects, I had the opportunity to enhance my problem solving skills by considering other people’s ideas.


    Published: 3/13/17