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Matthew Schindler

Class of 2016 (MSIA)

Senior Security Engineer, 2U Inc

    Born and raised in CA. Attended Northeastern in 2009 for a B.S. in Criminal Justice, and again in 2013 for a M.S. in Information Assurance. I am a serial mover, and I have lived in CA, Boston, Seattle, Washington D.C. and now NYC. I have a deep passion for security, and am constantly tinkering with the latest and greatest in my free time. When I am not doing that, I have an obsession with cooking; I recently purchased my first smoker and have been going a little crazy. Also bikes, cameras, too many video games, R Pis, and reef-keeping.

    Class notes

    I started my career in cybersecurity as a contractor for State Department working on secure data replication and backup technologies. I then moved on to Deloitte to contract for DHS where I helped implement HSPD-12 PIV systems and crypto-engineering for the USCIS branch. I left that project after a year to help develop the behavioral analytics and threat footprinting service known as Cyber Recon, which enables commercial and government client to use massive amounts of data collected globally from Netflow collectors, coupled with super-computing clusters, to model malicious behaviors and threats to organizations, in addition to OSINT intelligence gathering activities. I am now a senior security engineer at 2U, focusing on building up the security architecture of the organization using traditional and bleeding edge technologies. I recently got engaged to my girlfriend of 4.5 years, and we’re celebrating our wedding next fall.

    Publish Date: 10/11/17