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Ilya Sinelnikov

Class of 2015

Co-founder, Product Lead

    Ilya Sinelnikov

    What I do

    I am an entrepreneur and a product designer. I care about user experience and efficiency of every part of the system.

    I believe that there are four vital components of every product: formula, resources, integrity and education. The product can be successful only if each part is strong.


    I am very proud of Information Design School that Artem Gorbunov Design Bureau and I opened in 2014. There are 400 students graduated so far. All of them are saying that the school changed their perception of the profession and gave an enter ticket into the industry.

    To launch the unique school we have to invent and implement the unique business model. The most notable thing is “a mountain of knowledge”. The idea behind this is that there is a strong competition on every level of the school. On the first level, there are 100 students. Only 30 best students by rating are promoted to the next level. Only 10 of 30 go to the last level. No matter how good you are, you have to be in top part of the rating. Everything like in the real life.


    Product Design, Product Management, Start-Ups, Product Development, Information Security

    What I am looking for

    I am looking for the products that can improve people’s lives. It’s very simple to declare but often difficult to bring the usefulness into the product.

    Class notes

    I had a co-op for eight months as a Business Analyst at the, Design and Development studio in Boston. It was great experience that helped me a lot in understanding the reality of American market and culture.

    Published: 3/16/17