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Daniel Tewfik

Class of 2012

Co-founder & CEO, Sumu

    Daniel Tewfik

    Daniel Tewfik is at the forefront of technology-enabled real estate, startups, and government. He is the co-founder of Sumu, a tenant relationship management site that lets prospective tenants find sublets, apartment shares, apartments, and housing in the city.

    Constantly in search for technology solutions for interesting problems, Daniel has a particular interest in helping communities make specialty podcasts, creating marketing strategies, and being a serial entrepreneur.


    • Urban Planning
    • Project Management
    • Housing
    • Real Estate
    • UI/UX
    • Digital Media
    • Informational Sciences
    • Product Management
    • Technology
    • Startups

    Class notes

    I’ve been creating a startup! We focus on using machine learning and data to understand likeliness to move into an apartment and make better recommendations. We’re iOS now and Android should be out shortly.

    We’re looking for more developers, designers, and more to join our team. Also looking for seed stage investors if you know of anyone.


    Published: 1/30/17