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Let’s stay connected

Welcome Khoury alums and friends! Khoury alumni are one of the college's greatest strengths. Wherever you live, whatever stage of life you are in, and however long it's been since you've visited Northeastern, the Khoury community is here for you.

Here you’ll find information on classmates, fellow alumni, upcoming events, career services, and much more. This is an exciting time at Khoury, so get involved. Be proud. Stay connected. And please support our next generation of amazing students.

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Getting involved

There are many ways alumni can connect and re-engage with Khoury:

  • Sponsor and advocate for student co-op opportunities at your workplace.
  • Partner with our faculty to support undergraduate and graduate research opportunities.
  • Share your experience by serving as a panelist for our Co-op Overview Course or volunteer to speak with one of our student groups.
  • Give a gift to support current and future students. All gifts – big or small – count!
  • Attend and participate in our alumni events – regionally or on campus.
  • Visit campus and see what’s happening at your alma mater (contact the Advancement team to help set up your visit or tour).
  • Advocate and serve as an ambassador by spreading the word about your educational and co-op experiences at Khoury.

We welcome suggestions for expanding our alumni outreach and engagement efforts. Please contact the Advancement team to get involved.

Sharing your story

We are proud of your accomplishments. Please share how Khoury has impacted your career and life, contact the Advancement team or visit our class notes page and share your bio and more.

Giving back

Why give to Khoury? To provide students with life-changing opportunities, newly minted confidence, and the satisfaction of helping them learn, experience, engage and discover. Khoury is one of the country’s most sophisticated computer science colleges and innovative co-op programs. Demonstrate your support and appreciation by participating today!

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